COF:Chip on flex or chip on film. It is the most advanced full-screen smartphone display driver IC solution currently. It can also be applied to fingerprint-on-display modules, smart watch display modules, and high resolution TVs and medical displays etc.

Product Features:

The substrate wiring is precise, matching all kinds of large-size ultra-high-resolution smart TVs, monitors and other terminals. Compared with the COG solution, the width of the lower border of the display panel can be greatly reduced, which is the most cost-effective solution for realizing full-screen smartphones. The substrate is light, thin and short, with excellent bending performance, and is widely used in wearable products such as smart watches and bracelets.
Ultra-precision circuit molding technology
The unique new anisotropic etching liquid system enhances the level of refinement process control and realizes ultra-precise circuit molding at 6 micron level.
Ultra-high bending resistance surface treatment technology
Innovative two-fold surface treatment technology, significantly improve the product's bending resistance. Applicable to full-screen smart phones, smart watches and other product areas that requires ultra-fine bending radius.
Ultra-high precision OLB TTL Pitch expand and shrink control technology
Combined with mask design control and refined process, to keep COF substrate TTP tolerance control capability within one in ten thousandth, significantly improving the FOG bonding yield.
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