Who is Leader-Tech
Leader-Tech Electronics is a well-known domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of precision flexible circuit boards integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and sales, and is committed to providing the best products and the best service for global smartphone terminals and display panel enterprises. Leader-Tech Electronics (Huangshi) Co., Ltd. was established in June 2014, legal representative Mr. Li Xiaohua, located in Hubei Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, manufacturing and sales, the core supplier of the world's leading enterprise in the display panel industry, and the certified supplier of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers. Leader-Tech Electronics' main products are single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer flexible circuit boards, rigid-soft boards and other precision FPC products, FPC is the information industry and intelligent consumption necessary electronic components, is the Internet and industrial integration innovation, industrial control system and intelligent equipment manufacturing and other essential basic components, products are mainly used in tablet computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, LCD displays, smart wear, automotive and other fields. Through years of hard work, Leader-Tech Electronics has developed into a highly representative and influential  well-known enterprise in the national and global flexible circuit industry, and its sales scale ranks among the top three domestic enterprises in the industry.
Leader-Tech Electronics adheres to customer-centric, closely follows market trends and customer needs, continues to cultivate in customer development, high-end capacity reserves, technological breakthroughs, and lean production, with technical strength to provide a variety of high-quality products,volume production capacity, and the ability to provide overall solutions from product design to volume production,. Providing customers with quality high-precision products and professional and comprehensive supporting services. Through long-term technology R&D and production practice, accumulated rich production management experience, formed a good market competitiveness, in the future, Leader-Tech will increase product technology and innovation investment, and constantly carry out technological innovation to meet the higher requirements of customers in terms of product quality, performance, and durability.
Sincerity and unity Create with heart
Leader-Tech Electronics continues to lay out domestic and foreign industries, has successively set up FPC production bases in several provinces in China, FPC output value scale for many years ranked among the top five in the country, our main products have a variety of flexible circuit boards, soft and hard boards and other precision FPC products.
Leader-Tech attaches great importance to talent training and technical team build-ups, has accumulated rich experience in technology development and production in the field of FPC/PCB, we own more than 200 patents, won "Excellent Quality Award" and "Excellent Service Award" and ranked among the top 100 electronic circuit enterprises in CPCA China.
From the establishment of Huangshi Plant to mass production, and then to the establishment of Sichuan Leader-Tech and put into production, we have delivered "Leader-Tech speed" to the industry and society in just a few years, Leader-Tech has high-end design software and professional production and testing equipment imported from Europe, the United States and Japan, with high-end equipment process line of circuit boards, and has achieved a number of advanced achievements.
Our mission will be completed
LeWith the business philosophy of "customer first, honest cooperation, excellence, sustainable development", Leader-Tech Electronics continues to improve its technical strength and product quality, and does its best to meet the needs of customers.
Leader-Tech Electronics has firmly ranked in the first tier of China's soft printed circuit board suppliers, Leader-Tech's business market radiates across the country, and has passed the audit and certification of many ODM and OEM clients such as Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO, Samsung, Lenovo, BOE, Tianma, CSOT etc.

Foresight and vision to reach the world
As an indispensable electronic component for the information industry and intelligent consumption, flexible circuit boards are widely used in areas of mobile phones, notebook computers, LCDs, smart wearables, cameras, aerospace, space communications, etc., It is an indispensable basic component for Internet and industrial integration innovation, industrial control systems and intelligent equipment manufacturing.
In the future, the huge potential of OLED application products will help Leader-Tech actively expands the market in depth. In the past two years we have developed in the fields of acoustic products, automotive products, drones and other fields, in the future, Leader-Tech will form a different application, multi-level products FPC industry market customer system.
We look at the past, but also gaze into the future, and see each step as a new beginning. Leader-Tech Electronics has not forgotten its original intention, continuously increased R&D efforts and capital investment, expanded industrial scale, opened up domestic and foreign markets, and is gradually in line with international standards. Sing China's intelligent manufacturing on the international stage and lead the smart and technological life.