Why Choose Leader-Tech ?
At Leader-Tech, we take pride in supplying high-quality and reliable PCBs at exceptionally competitive prices. This commitment has propelled us to a dominant position in the highly demanding global FPC market for smartphones. As the exclusive core supplier for BOE and a tier I supplier for Tianma, the top two mobile phone screen suppliers worldwide, we have earned the trust and recognition of industry leaders.
Our dedication to innovation drives us to maintain a technological edge through substantial investments in research and development, which accounts for 11% of our workforce. We are relentless in seeking and hiring the finest talents, ensuring that our team is equipped to deliver cutting-edge solutions.
With a diverse product portfolio, we leverage the expertise across different teams to fuel progress. For instance, our FPC team harnesses the proprietary technology from our COF team to create unparalleled, industry-leading products.
Continuing to invest significantly in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, we have injected over USD 1 billion into our advanced Suining plant. This strategic investment empowers us with unmatched efficiencies in the FPC industry, benefits that we proudly pass on to our valued customers.Embedded within our culture is the philosophy of KAIZEN, a continuous pursuit of improvement. We leave no room for compromise when it comes to product quality, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in addressing any issues that may arise.
In our quest for excellence, we welcomed the acquisition of Flexceed, a Japanese company whose KAIZEN principles have seamlessly integrated with our own. By embracing the best practices of Flexceed across our entire Group, we have fortified our commitment to constant improvement and customer satisfaction.
Choose Leader-Tech for a partner that excels in delivering top-notch PCB solutions, backed by innovation, quality, and a dedication to progress that sets us apart in the industry.
As a leading FPC/PCB supplier in mainland China
Leader-Tech has been listed in the Top 100 China Electronic Circuit Enterprise-CPCA (No. 43 in 2021) for five consecutive years. We have been awarded with the BOE's "Excellent Quality Award " and "Excellent Service Award" as a FPC Supplier. Our manufacture plants expands from Huangshi Hubei to Suining Sichuan within a few years, Leader-Tech’s rapid development is showing great potential and booming prospect.
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Leader-Tech Electronics (Huangshi) Co., Ltd
Leader-tech Electronics is a well-known Chinese manufacturer integrating R&D, design, production and sales, which specializes in the production of FPC, R-FPC and Semi-flex pcb. We are committed to provide the best products and services for our global clients. The main products of Leader-tech Electronics are high-precision circuit board products such as single-side, dual-side and multi-layer flexible printed circuit, as well as rigid-flex and semi-flex printed circuit. Products are widely used in smart phones, iPad, tablet PC, digital cameras, smart watches, Bluetooth headsets & other fields of wearable devices, industrial computers, medical devices, consumable electronics and other related fields.
Honorary Awards

· Ranked 48th in the CPCA Top 100 Chinese Electronic Circuit Enterprises in 2020 Domestic FPC enterprises ranked TOP 5

· Top 100 manufacturing plant in Hubei Province

· The first batch of industry-education integration enterprises in Hubei Province

· Huangshi intelligent transformation demonstration enterprise

Service Awards
· BOE "Excellent Service Award" and "Excellent Quality Award"
· Tianma Microelectronics "Excellent Quality Award" "Special Contribution Award"
· BOE "Strategic Core Supplier"
· Tianma Microelectronics "Preferred Supplier"
· CSOT "Core Supplier"

Economy Growth Award 2024
CPCA Ranking List
Top 100 Manufacturing Industries In Hubei
Hubei Pillar Industry Segment Champion Enterprises
Visionox Excellent Service Award
Economy and R&D Award 2024
High-tech Enterprises
BOE Outstanding Project Award
BOE Excellent Quality/Service Award
Tianma Excellent Quality Award